Partnering with CISOs to Provide
Fundamental Cybersecurity

XENTRX focuses on 3 solutions that provide the best ROI with the least risk for CISOs focused on high impact programs

People Shortage

Global experts estimate the total shortage for cybersecurity personnel stands at 2.1million people.
Attacks are increasing and in some cases we don't have the people to address the basic maintenance issues to protect our organisations from these attacks.

To solve this problem XENTRX has obtained the distribution rights to Australia for:

CyberSec Awareness

Over 50% of breaches come from a lack of cybersecurity awareness among an organisations employees.

However, as we also recruit more generalised cybersecurity practitioners the burden is on us as CISOs to continuously train our teams, the challenge is how to do this with this right cost basis.
For Awareness XENTRX has teamed with:


So you adopted Agile and your team is releasing new versions of your code daily. Who checks that code for security defects? By far the biggest exposure to any organisation is a break down in security assurance because "its too slow".

CI/CD needs to be supported by your security regime not ignored. To address this issue XENTRX has teamed with:

XENTRX is at the forefront of leading cybersecurity technology

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Compliant with major standards

Security Controls 0714, 1478, 1071, 1525, 0027, 1526

Securetasks - a full featured cybersecurity services management platform

We created Securetasks with a massive amount of Cybersecurity Services experience behind us, both as clients and as vendors. With this experience let’s outline to you why the Securetasks value proposition is so strong. Here are three really important points for you to consider.

Whether its project management using our sophisticated Kanban board (designed for agile style delivery) or its secure messaging and file collaboration, Securetasks is the virtual services workplace for both Employers and Cybersecurity Experts.

Our platform acts as your workplace providing all the tools necessary to allow Experts to spend more time delivering and Employers less time hunting for the best resources.

Securetasks has one of the most complete NIST NICE Framework libraries globally, we have thousands of pages dedicated to working roles and their descriptions, listing of knowledge, skills and abilities associated with work roles as well as those tasks that are expected to be delivered from those work roles.

Using NIST NICE Securetasks takes the guesswork out of what needs to be delivered and once delivered how that delivery can be measured.

How Securetasks Works

Securetasks links Employers with Cybersecurity Experts. Employers post jobs and Experts bid on those jobs.

On site notifications

The Securetasks platform notifies users of bids, new projects, new profiles, project messaging and project status.

Both onsite and email messages are provided.

Member dashboard

Manage many functions on the platform including Orders, Jobs, Revenue, Withdrawals, Analytics and Messages in one page.


All Expert/Employer transactions are escrowed using Stripe Connect.

All members have surety that payments will be made in a secure way on-time.

Trustful Reviews

All members working on the Securetasks platform receive reviews.

The review process builds trust among members.


What's the biggest threat to your organisation's cybersecurity posture?


Poor employee cybersecurity awareness

"Cybersecurity awareness programs offer the single best cybersecurity ROI for CISOs today. Without doubt the best awareness programs Test, Assess, Engage, Train and Measure the cybersecurity knowledge of employees allowing CISOs to know and report on the human aspects of an organisation's cybersecurity maturity."

- Cameron McEachern, CEO and Co-Founder Securetasks

Network Product Guide 2018 GOLD: Most Innovative Software

Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2017: Best Awareness Platform

Infosecurity Product Guide 2019: Startup of the Year

250 Customizable Training Modules

Train employees and cybersecurity team members.

Fully managed on AWS and integrated through AWS gateways to your business.

Alternative integration through SCORM, SSO and LDAP


On premise or SaaS

What makes LUCY different

Data Protection

No matter where you install LUCY, privacy is ensured. LUCY complies with the strictest data protection provisions.

Know How

LUCYs team of former “ethical hackers” covers the entire spectrum of attack methods that go far beyond simple phishing. Attack methods and learning content are constantly updated in LUCY.


Set up in just a few minutes. You can run LUCY locally on the Intranet, as a cloud-based SaaS solution on all common platforms (Unix, Windows), or on our own dedicated server. If you use AWS we can run LUCY on a private subnet and gateway to your internal systems


The LUCY interface package (Domain API, LDAP API, SMTP API, REST API, etc.) supports the administrator and allows a quick integration into the existing infrastructure. Don't forget integration with your HR system using SCORM.


Transparent prices. LUCY offers the best pricing model in town! Ask us to competitively quote for your security awareness requirements. Choices are SaaS implementation, On premises installation, campaign based pricing or managed service based pricing


Lucy offers unique features in the areas Test, Assess, Engage, Train, and Report that are only vaguely, or not at all, supported by other companies on the market.

Adding cybersecurity to your Agile program is not as simple as training a few developers!

Introducing the worlds first CI/CD AppSec Pipeline

Shipping secure code made easy

Empowering modern development teams to find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities.

More time for features

Get setup in minutes and receive automated security feedback in real-time.

Highly Accurate Detection

Get informed for relevant security issues only, including fixing advice.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Taking the best open-source solutions and unifying them into a high-quality solution.