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Train, Plan, Test and Maintain

Your digital transformation and the methods such as agile call for a different way of thinking.

Our experience shows that there are five crucial areas that CISOs need to focus on to add true value to the development and deployment cycle, these are:

Development Team Secure Code Awareness

XENTRX teams with Secure Code Warrior to provide the world's premier SaaS based application security awareness platform. Secure Code Warrior allows for a diverse program of training, testing and grading so that development teams are fully aware of all aspects of secure coding, managers are aware of their teams application security skills inventory and CISOs can remove the developer insider threat.

Cybersecurity team and developer training and certification

SSP Suites from Security Compass enterprise training suites in software security cover OWASP Top 10, secure software design, secure software coding, and other courses that cater to specific roles in order to help improve an organisation’s security posture. Whether your team is responsible for developing mobile or web applications securely Security Compass has got you covered.

Application Security Requirements Planning


Information is gathered about the language, platform, features, compliance, and tools in order to determine the relevant threats and countermeasures, using automated sources (via integration with source code repos or asset management systems) and/or a simple project survey.


After discovering the attributes of the application, SD Elements automatically classifies it based on inherent risk and defines a set of relevant, actionable tasks derived from controls defined in the security & compliance policy commensurate with its classification.

Identify and Monitor

Use API integrations to connect development tasks and process tasks with automated tools.When the tasks are automated, users can integrate with tools like static analysis or cloud security posture management to track compliance, while manual tasks - such as changing default credentials - can be synced with ticketing systems like JIRA or ServiceNow for completion by IT and development teams.


Test results are easily imported from security tools likeMicro Focus Fortify & WebInspect, IBM AppScan, Veracode, Checkmarx, WhiteHat, and other popular scanning tools. Imported data is matched to controls for validation and compliance reporting.Planned scanner integrations include SonarQube, Coverity, Nessus, OWASP Dependency Check, Sonatype, Qualys, Rapid7, Palo Alto Prisma & Dome9.

Automated CI\CD Testing

GuardRails makes open-source security tools easily available in your GitHub Pull Requests. GuardRails has a unique and very opinionated take on security. It has been tuned to keep the noise low and only report high-impact and relevant security issues.

Installing and configuring security tools, even for one repository, typically takes a lot of time and effort. GuardRails makes that process painless, quick and rewarding for developers.

GuardRails can be installed across all your repositories in minutes. Once installed, GuardRails identifies security problems in your codebase and helps you fix them.

Application Vulnerability Resolution and Management

Threadfix from the Denim Group allows you to Automatically consolidate, de-duplicate, and correlate vulnerabilities in applications to the infrastructure assets that support them using results from commercial and open source application and network scanning tools.

Knowing which vulnerabilities exist is important, but it’s just a start. With ThreadFix, you will quickly spot vulnerability trends and make smart remediation decisions based on data in a centralised view.

When vulnerabilities are discovered, it can be tough to go back and fix them. Manage and send vulnerability data to software development and server operations teams in the tools they are already using for remediation. Get vulnerabilities fixed faster.

Legacy application and virtualisation protection

The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform® (ASP) helps you prevent the spread of breaches inside your data centre and cloud with a real-time application dependency map, vulnerability exposure insights, and micro-segmentation that works on anything (bare-metal, virtual machines, and containers). One platform to protect your business critical "crown jewel" applications.

Illumio ASP is uniquely designed to enable you to use the enforcement points that already exist in your infrastructure to improve your data centre and cloud security. No additional hardware or re-architecting your network.

The "brain" of Illumio ASP. The PCE builds a live map using the information shared from the VEN showing how applications are communicating and creates optimal security policies based on those insights